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BandBox laundry & Dry Cleaners are the experts in cleaning leather and suede. Our cleaning services include fur, sheepskins and leather.

All leather and suede garments are cleaned with the correct cleaning agents and then re-oiled, so the fibres become soft and supple again.

The cleaning of leather and suede is a craft practiced by skilled artisans. We have specialists who carefully grade and inspect each garment prior to cleaning. Smooth leathers often need retexturing to achieve the same finish. Suede garments frequently require re-tinting to restore their original colour.

During the cleaning process, the oils within suede and leather garments are removed. Part of the processing involves re-oiling the skin to keep it supple. While re-oiling, the skin can become a few shades darker. For this reason, you should always clean garments that are part of a set together.

We can only implore you to choose a specialist leather cleaner. We have heard too many horror stories of what happens when customers entrust their treasured suede and leather garments to dry cleaners who are not familiar with the appropriate methods.

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We understands the high cost that comes with leather and suede, and how it is even more costly if mistakes are made during the cleaning process. Since dry cleaning suede and leather requires such special care and attention, BandBox Dry Cleaners only uses knowledgeable professionals and the most efficient eco-friendly cleaning techniques for treating customers’ suede and leather garments.

With a specialist dry cleaner like BandBox, customers can expect their dry clean leather service to come out clean and soft.

Using environmentally friendly technology, most stains or soiled areas will be removed by pre-treating the area then placing the item into the cleaning machine. Though this depends on the item and any specific requests that may be made.

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