Coin Operated

Bed linen and towels

Our machines are all latest 2015 model with advance technology from manufactured by industry leaders and are highly proficient in providing quality cleaning. All our machines are cleaned and maintained regularly to uphold the high standards we set ourselves.

Small – £3.00 Twice the size of average domestic machine
Medium – £4.00 Three times the size of average domestic machine
Large – £5.00 Giant loads like Big Duvets, Blanket

Modern machines that wash 3 times and rinse 3 times in minimal time. The diverse set of Washers can simultaneously and efficiently wash and rinse several loads of your garments in a matter of minutes. Each of our Washers goes through Three Wash Cycles and Three Rinse Cycles, using the good old-fashioned Clean Water and Mild Soap Methodology.

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Fed up of waiting for your clothes to dry at home…use our range of dryers and get ALL your drying done at once.

Most average loads can be dried for £1.50 – £2 and take approx. 30 minutes Drying starts from 50 pence.

High Efficient Clean Energy LPG Powered Double Stack Dryers can simultaneously and efficiently dry several loads of your garments in a matter of minutes. Your entire laundry can be done in a short time, leaving you ample time to attend to more important things in your life.

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