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Can I pay by card?

Yes, but we have a minimum spend of £5, or we add a 30p service charge. Most cards accepted.

Do I have to bring my own change? 

No! It would be great if you can, our machines take £2, £1, AND 50p coins. But if you don’t have any change don’t worry because we have plenty! The change can be taken in exchange for cash. In case you do not have cash, we have card machines right next door.

What’s the parking situation like?

We have free parking for our customers outside the laundry!

How do service washes work?

We charge by weight, and that price includes washing, drying and folding. You may choose the type of detergent we use in your wash, and specify any special instructions such as wash temperature or to not tumble dry a specific article. Turnaround is typically within 1-2 days, though express options are available at an additional price.

I need my laundry ASAP! Can I express it?

No problem.

For Service
We offer a same day service wash, charged at a minimal additional price depending on the size of the load.

For Dry Cleaning and other services

We have a same day express service charge of £15, and 24 hour express service charge of £10. Please note this may not be applicable for items that need special treatment.

Do you have WiFi?

Yes, WiFi is free for customers using our washers. Please ask at the concierge for details.

I’ve got a special request, can you help?

Absolutely! Whether it be putting some of your shirts on hangers, not using fabric softener or not tumble drying a specific item, we are happy to accommodate any (reasonable) request you may have! Please be sure to mention this when you drop off your laundry. Additional charges may apply.

Do you have any ongoing promotions?

We do!

2 x 2 piece suits (or 4 suit items; plain skirts, trousers or jackets) for £19.99
5 Shirts washed & pressed for £9.99
Please check our webiste, and socials for many more offers.


What makes you different?

Anyone can wash their clothes at home, so why use us? 

We pride ourselves on giving people what they really want from a service wash; convenience! It’s the little things, like pairing smalls, folding clothes so that they can go straight back into the cupboard, and being flexible. Don’t want a jumper tumble dryed? No problem! Want one load washed at 30 degrees and another at 40? Can do! We have a wide range of detergents available and are happy to accommodate you with any special requests. If you’re too busy, just back from holiday or you just want to treat yourself – try us out!

I need to wash/dry but cannot hang around – can you help?

For a flat £2.50 charge we are happy to wash & dry your laundry at machine prices. You can bring your own powder & softener or buy it all from us. In general your laundry will be ready within 4-6 hours, though this may vary during busy times. 

Folding charges extra, and of course our standard Ts & Cs still apply,

Tell me more about the collection & delivery service!

Delivery and collection is free of cost all over Manchester!

Please note we have a minimum charge of £20 for the order. By using our service, you also agree to our Ts & Cs..

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